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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minnie Muffin

Minnie Muffin

A tasty bite-size soft muffin

Available in various flavor :

A. Chocolate
B. Vanilla
C. Blue Berry
D. Choc Chip
E. Vanilla Chip

A / B / C (Box of 36pcs) --> RM25
D / E (Box of 36pcs) --> RM30

Fill up the form to order (^_^)Y

*In your order, please state:
1. Flavor of your choice
2. Quantity


namaharuman said...

rindunye muffin mak ko...

Ame Tesouro said...

hehe mari la order.. =)

They Love It

"yunk..tasted the cheese tart..lurvly..the mixture is juz nice..medium sweetness of the pineapple,the str0ng cheese a juz melts in ur mouth nicely and the taste lingers in our tongue for quiet sumtime..even my baby niece lurbve it..thanks dear!!" -Rini Fatin Fadzil

"aku dh mkn pn cookies tu. nk hbs dh. ahaahaa. sdap2" -Asylla Haris

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