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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marvelous Trifle

Marvelous Trifle

Special Home Bake

Swiss Roll + Custard
+ Jelly (raspberry/orange/ribena/plain flavor)
+ Fruits (Peach/Cocktail/strawberry)

Available size:

A: 16cm x 11cm

B: 11cm ø

C: 6.5cm ø

A --> RM10 each
B --> RM5 each
C --> RM2.5 each

*order must be made 7days in advance

Fill up the form to order (^_^)Y

*In your order, please state:
1. Jelly flavor (raspberry/orange/ribena/plain flavor)
2. Fruit (Peach/Cocktail/strawberry)
3. Container
Size (A/B/C)
4. Quantity

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They Love It

"yunk..tasted the cheese tart..lurvly..the mixture is juz nice..medium sweetness of the pineapple,the str0ng cheese a juz melts in ur mouth nicely and the taste lingers in our tongue for quiet sumtime..even my baby niece lurbve it..thanks dear!!" -Rini Fatin Fadzil

"aku dh mkn pn cookies tu. nk hbs dh. ahaahaa. sdap2" -Asylla Haris

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